About TopCup Factory

We have worked in the food  industry for over 10 years,We mainly produce coffee paper cups and plastic cups for our customers

Who We Are

The cups factory TopCup has been providing customized coffee paper and babo teas for over 10 years. With extensive knowledge, they provide quality service to big brand restaurants all around the world with their plants established in Jiangsu China where it’s built a mature packaging industrial park that can produce your needs perfectly tailored towards you!
The passion behind this company is what drives them forward each day as well; constantly pushing limits of expertise so we offer high-quality innovative products specifically designed just how YOU want them.

Founder Mr.Jiang

Founder's Note

We focus on the development of new technology, equipment upgrade, improve work efficiency, to ensure the safety and quality of products has always been our consistent principle, customer satisfaction is always our consistent goal.

CEO:  Harvey Jiang

Harvey Jiang



Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your business gets better and expands faster, you need the best suppliers to drive your vision forward. They can offer one-stop service for your business, can give you more business and goals to provide strong support, not just technology, price, more is thinking of, they will be able to put your ideas or even just a point to into perfect products, I think this is the team you need,NOW,let's see your team below

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Harvey Jian

Founder - CEO

Eason-Topcup Factory

Eason Qian

Product Leader

Product Specialist e1650000243632

Rachel Liu

Senior Product Specialist

Product Designer e1650000218286

Tina Jiang

Product Designer

Development Manager e1650000192225

Alina Feng

Development Manager

Sales Manager

Arthur Qian

Sales Manager

Worldwide Shipping

The services provided by our company are available to the general public in every corner of the world,contact us now

Quality Focused

We focus on quality, which is why so many customers have been working with us for years and still choose us

Competitive Price

Whether you are a large business or a small shop, our competitive prices to make your business more successful

One-Stop Service Solution

Here you can enjoy our one-stop service at home, you just need to focus on marketing, make the product more sales

Purchasing Steps

When you visit in our website, then send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form,our salesman will quote the price you after getting your information ,after the two sides confirm all the transaction details, we will send samples to you if you need.

At last, We promise that our website is easy to navigate and we’ll keep you updated about the progress of your order. We take pride in providing a high level service, so all orders will be handled with care from start-to finish!

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 24 hours, please pay attention to the email with the info@topcupfactory.com