Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Branding is important for any business, but in today’s highly competitive market it has never been more critical.The custom coffee cup sleeves are the most affordable and effective advertising. When customers take out your cup, they will be able to see your logo which promotes brand recognition as well as loyalty for future purchases.

Custom printed coffee sleeves are a great for single wall paper cups. They eliminate the need for double wall coffee cups, and these custom branded paper products make your logo stand out in any setting! Made from food grade corrugated material – this is one way you can ensure quality service with every sip of joe at coffee shop or on the go.

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Why TopCup is One of Your Best Coffee
Cup Sleeve Manufacturers

TopCup Factory has been making custom drink sleeves over 10 years, and in that time we’ve helped countless big or small businesses with their branding needs. They started out as a way to offer affordable custom branded takeaway materials but quickly realized how difficult it is when you’re just starting your own company or need something quick without breaking the bank – which led them into creating an all inclusive service offering from start-to finish including design options like logos & cups!

The founder’s frustration overpriced disposable food/beverage products motivated him create this business so every company could have access high quality kitchenware at reasonable prices regardless if he had limited funds available.

Anyway,You’ll love our custom printed coffee cup sleeves! They’re not only reasonably priced, but they are high quality too. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders so that you can be sure to get exactly what your looking for in terms of design and procedure when ordering from us-we will do everything possible just because it’s worth the effort.

Coffee Sleeve Size

We offer many sleeve sizes to fit your needs, with some surcharge fees depending on what type of cups you need. Some of our most common ones include 8oz-20 ounce but if there is an especially small or large size not yet covered by this range then don’t hesitate to contact our sales team here,we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Paper Quality

Made from FSC™ Mix certified paper,Our standard 250gsm weight is made with 100% recycled papers and provides high quality printing! We also offer gloss or matt finishes depending what you’re looking to achieve – whether it be vibrant colors that require a brighter lookor prefer slower paced projects without any additional attention drawn towards them through decoration.

Proofing Before Pringing

All sleeve orders are reviewed prior to going into production for errors and inconsistencies. A digital file, such as a PDF proof will be provided that you can view on computer or mobile device so we know what the final product should look like before printing! We ask 1-3 days from approval of design completeness but typically more time is needed when dealing with complex designs.

Fast Turn Around

We know how valuable your time is, so we want to make sure that the order process goes as smoothly and quickly for you. We’ll typically complete custom orders within 10 days of purchase date; however it may take longer if there are any issues with production or shipping,but don’t worry – our specialists will keep track of your shipment until you receive them safely!

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Who Can Get Benefits From Custom Coffee Sleeves

Who Can Get Benefits From Custom Coffee Sleeves?

The idea of having your own custom coffee sleeve is appealing to many people. Large business owners may want their brand to be showcased, while many smaller establishments such as coffee shops also want the designs they create to generate potential sales for themselves. There are many different businesses that have benefited from custom coffee sleeves.

We have outlined below some of the common businesses that have benefited from branded coffee sleeves.

TopCup Factory Coffee Cup Sleeve Design Service

We’re looking to help your brand stand out and create an unforgettable impression. With our custom branded paper sleeves, you can do just that! We offer many different color options for both the background as well custom text on top, which will be sure not only increase visibility, but also make it easier than ever before decide what kind of advertising campaign would work best suited towards customers’ needs – whether they are small or large business owners alike who want quality products at competitive prices without sacrificing customer service along the way.

So how to work with us ? Just few simple steps below:

Coffee Cup Sleeve Design Service
TopCup Factory Custom Printed Cup Sleeves

What Will You Get From Personalized Coffee Cup Sleeve

Not only will they add an extra layer of protection against burns or spills, but they also provide an excellent branding opportunity for businesses looking to get their name out there in a creative and eye-catching way. Personalized coffee cup sleeves for envents or business are perfect for showing off logos or designs that can help customers remember your brand or product. Plus, coffee cup sleeves make great gifts for any occasion and can be used by anyone who enjoys drinking hot beverages on the go.

TopCup Factory Coffee Sleeves Wholesale Service FAQ

What kind of paper do you use for coffee sleeves?

We have a wide range of paper options from 200 to 350gsm. For those looking for the best print quality, we offer 100% recycled fiber and white semi-gloss surfaces on front sides! Papers of paper cup sleeves are made from sustainably sourced FSC Mix certified paper, this can subsequently be composted or recycled after use.

What kind of printing process do you do?

Our custom cups sleeves are printed using high-quality offset printing presses, which means you get prints with unparalleled detail and vivid colors. We produce all of the artwork entirely within house – no need to worry about bad batches or misprints getting through on time delivery; it’s top notch every single time from start (and finish) line.Click here in more information for custom design service.

How many colors can be printed ?

We have a variety of options for you to choose from, including our standard sleeves. These are printed in either 1 or 2 colors which can be changed when ordering depending on what color combinations work best with your brand’s style! 

Can you do full color coffee sleeves ?

Yes, we can do full colour printing, if you need more detials, don’t be hesitate to contact out friendly sales team or fill our online form .

What size cups do your sleeves fit ?

Our sleeves can fit most common cups ( Cups ranging from 8 to 22oz),this printed coffee sleeves mainly used for single wall paper cups, also can be used plastic bubble tea cups.

Can you provide free samples?

Absolutely sure, just send us a request here, our salesteam will contact you and ship samples to you as quickly as possible.

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