Ripple Wall Coffee Cups

Ripple Wall Coffee Cups

Customize your hot beverage cups with our personalized Ripple Wall Cups. This is the perfect way to brand your company without spending a fortune ! Show customers just how proud you are by printing out a custom logo on our high quality ripple cups. Make it fun and easy to advertise your brand, while also providing protection for the customers who love drinking out of them. Since these durablepaper sipping vessels have a unique texture that is both stylish as well functional at preventing burns from spilled liquids or absorbed oils present in some beverages like coffee beans , they can be used by anyone regardless if you own an establishment catering only towards drinkers.

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Why Order Ripple Coffe Cups From
TopCup Factory?

While many companies who offer ripple coffee cups but they lack many advantages over ours; We use advanced machinery and refine our process to effectively control raw material purchasing costs which can lead us provide you with high quality paper coffee cup at low prices .Food industry is a competitive market and every company wants to get their hands on the best cups. We know your pain points because we’ve been in food industry for many years,We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our ripple hot cups and service.

Always Focused On Quality

Quality is our top priority. We use the most advanced automatic paper cup production machines to ensure that each step of production meets customer requirements, and all inspections are conducted in accordance with SGS standards for size accuracy as well color match between packaging elements such a ripple cups so you can enjoy it without worries!

Turnkey Manufacturing Solution

Looking for a full solution that can help you get your product to market quickly and efficiently? Look no further than a turnkey manufacturer. TopCup factory offer a complete solution for your manufacturing needs, from design and development to production and assembly. They can even handle packaging and shipping, so you can focus on marketing and selling your product.

Exceptional Service

When you need something done quickly and accurately, our team of professionals are always on-time with their work. We provide a high level customer service whether it be for printing or featured packaging for ripple cups; no matter what type needs addressing we will get right back to you!

Passion and Commitment​

We’re not the type of company that would promise something and then fail to follow through. We take every challenge head on because our passion for what we do is just as strong. If it can’t be done? No problem – let’s get started right away so you won’t have any issues later down the road with us taking your word unconditionally at first glance without checking up afterwords like most other companies might do.

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How To Order Hot Coffee Ripple Cups From TopCup-Easy 4 Steps

How To Order Hot Coffee Ripple Cups From TopCup-Easy 4 Steps

We know how busy life can be. That’s why we make it as easy and convenient for you to place an order, without any hassle or confusion on your part! Our team will do everything in their power so that when these beautiful ripple cups come into fruition at the end of this process – there are only have easy four steps.

#1. Send a Request: Once we get your request, our sales team will contact you for your specific needs and provide you with a custom quote.

#2. Send Your Design: You can send over your logo or design format if you have,the best format will be a vector file. Our branding specilist will help you to creat one if you don’t have.

#3. Send Order Form: Once Proof is ready, we will send you for reivew, if you like it, we will send you invoice and collect your deposit to start work.

#4. Packaging and Shipping: When production finished, we will do fatured packing as requested and ship ripple cups to you quickly.

Custom Disposable Ripple Coffee Cups Details

Ripple coffee cups are made from recycled paper. They feature a ripple design that is both stylish and functional, as it helps to keep your hands and coffee warm. Ripple wall cups are available in a range of sizes, making them perfect for any occasion.

#1. There three most common shapes for ripples are vertical, horizontal and S-shaped.

#2. No Coffee cup sleeve or jacket required for hot beverages.

#3. Coordination lids and straws are available.

#4. Cartons are 500pcs cups ,the minmums of ripple paper cup are 10,000 per design.

#5. Featured Packaging avaliable.


Custom Disposable Ripple Coffee Cups Details

TopCup Ripple Coffee Cups Service FAQ

What is TopCup capacity and minimum order for ripple coffee paper cups?

With our minimum order at the moment set to 10,000 cups per design – which is more than enough for even your most demanding customer.Our full capacity is over 1 billion paper cups per year.

What is the lead time for your printed ripple paper coffee cups?

We want you to have your items as soon as possible, so we will usually complete orders within 15 business days and if everything is approved can ship out for regular stock.

Can you print on the lids?

Sure, we can print on the sides of lids, if your design does not exceed the color limit, we can print it all. Contact us print specilist , they will do assistance.

Can I order samples for you? If so, what is the delivery time?

Why not? You can send free sample request and we will send it to you within 48 hours, please be noted that the samples are free, but please kindly understand that the freight is to be collected at destination


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