Quality Inspection

Building a competitive edge by quality management.

Quality Control and Review for Every Stage of Production

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service for all our customers. As part this, we provide inspections and reviews at every stage in order that no step is left un-inspected or unnoticed!

  • Materials that come into our production process are vetted for review
  • Double check the quotation for all the details of the product
  •  Contract reviews upon receipt of POs from clients
  • Final Inspections and testing to make sure your producs are meet the requriements

Quality Standard

We know what quality means to us, at any time, we will put quality control in the first place in our work, we have a strict management system, all links to provide product quality issues traceability, we know that in today's world of fierce competition, if you do not pay attention to quality, will eventually be eliminated by the market

ISO Certification

We are committed to continuously improving our quality control process

Our Certificates

FDA Certificates-TopCup Factory
ISO22000 2018
Platic cups test report TopCup Factory
SGS Test for single wall cups
Single wall paper cup-SGS Test
TopCup Factory Single Wall cup test

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