Our Mission& Vision

We strive for excellence and always put quality and customer satisfaction first.

Our Mission

Accelerate technological innovation, focus on product development and upgrading of environmentally friendly materials to help operators build a sustainable business.

Our Vision

  • Earn respect by fulfilling our promises

  • Striving to make Topcup the world’s best supplier of paper coffee cups and plastic cups

  • Create an environment of continuous improvement and introduce advanced talents and technologies

  • To better serve customers and always put customer satisfaction first

  • To create a sustainable production environment to reduce the use of materials and energy in our production processes

Our Values

Passion :Always passionate about our work and willing to challenge the status quo.

Respect :We treat everyone with respect and dignity and professionalism.

Integrity :We keep our promises and do the right thing.

Collaboration :Teamwork is the key to our ability to succeed.

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“I love working with TopCup Factory, they are always committed to customer satisfaction and providing quality services. “

Peng, Founder of Nayuki