TopCup offers straws in a variety of styles to match your drink,we have the perfect length such us 19cm,21cm and 23cm for most of cups you can think up,keep your drinks cool with our selection of regular (8mm diameter) or big size ( 12mm )bubble tea straws, they come in plain colors, stripes or rainbows and our straws fit most lids and cups easily.

What better way to enjoy your favorite drink than with a delicious, refreshing straw from our company? We have many different styles available,In addition to plastic straws, our 12mm sized custom paper straws are perfect for large tapioca pearls , bursting Boba or any other treat you want in each sip. Want something more unique? Custom printing design lets us print logos onto these eco-friendly products so they’ll be sure not only last longer but also make an impression on everyone who sees them–especially those against plastic bansthat’s happening everywhere nowadays.


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Why TopCup is One of Your Best Drinking
Straw Manufacturers

With over 10 years of experience in the drinking straw manufacturing industry, TopCup factory uses advanced manufacturing equipment and process technology to optimize all aspects of production to reduce costs and increase efficiency.TopCup factory offers a large selection of quality beverage straws that can be found at competitive prices. We have many different styles and colors available, including classic plastic or delightful paper patterned options to suit your needs

Quality Your Can Trust

We at TopCup Factory believe that a company’s reputation for quality is their most valuable asset. And it has been our mission since day one to ensure customers receive exactly what they need and deserve from us, which means achieving perfection in ALL aspects of production with every product we make! Whether you’re producing cups or straws – no detail gets overlooked here; because nothing beats customer satisfaction.

Turnkey Manufacturing Solution

We have been committed to providing turnkey solutions for the past 10 years. we are very familiar with the standards required for product safety, we purchase raw materials that meet strict inspection standards. Our automated production lines provide customers high-quality items while perfect printing offers them what they need most. We pride ourselves on personalized packaging and fast delivery to meet the needs of different customers.

Reliability and Fast Delivery

As one of the best drinking straws manufacturers in China,We focus on reliability and fast products delivery so that you can always count on us. Our team of experts are always working hard to get your products delivered as quickly as possible. We know that you rely on us for your drinking straws, so we make sure to always be there when you need us.

Principles and Ethics

There are various ethical principles that guide the behavior of individuals in society. Some of these principles include honesty, integrity, and respect for others. Topcup factory follows these principles in its business dealings and interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees. Topcup factory is committed to being a responsible and ethical business.

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Who Can Get Benefits From TopCup's Bubble Tea Straws?​

Who Can Get Benefits From TopCup's Bubble Tea Straws?

TopCup Factory offers a number different styles for your drinking needs. We’ve had great success with our straws in the past and will work closely together on any project you have!! 
We specialize not only as suppliers–we also create custom orders so feel free ask us about anything; whether its adding more color choices or changing up something… we can maintaining top quality standards that ensure customer satisfaction.

Below are some common types or businesses who’ve benefited greatly from utilizing these quality products:

TopCup Factory Custom Printed Straws Service

TopCup Factory Custom Printed Straws Service

Logoed drinking straws are the perfect way to increase brand awareness and make your business memorable. The logo will be seen by customers every time they use their beverage, which means that it’s an easy reminder for people who might have forgotten about how great your company do the work!

So how to work with us ? Just few simple steps below:

TopCup Factory Custom Printed Straws Service

TopCup Factory Drinking Straws Wholesale Service FAQ

Why’s the size difference between types of straws ?

Straws come in all different shapes and sizes to suit your drinking needs. Sip or jumbo, there’s a perfect straw for you! The 1/8″ diameter sip straws are great when sipping on cocktails while 5/16″ giant diameter ones will let you take big breaths of air from frozen drinks like milkshakes (and smoothies). Colossal size at approximately half an inch means that these giants can handle any kind o’ juice 

Do you offer custom drinking straws?

TopCup factory offers an array of custom printed straws straws and wrappers that are perfect for any event. Custom printable designs include logos, color schemes or phrases to make your speciality drinks in a unique way! Click here in more information for custom design service.

How long will it take to receive my orders?

We’re always working to get your order shipped as quickly possible, but sometimes it takes a little longer (normally 2 weeks) for some cusomized drinking straws, we will make every effort in finding the best shipping option and fulfilling/shipping your order ASAP!

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