Bubble Tea Cups

Bubble Tea Cup

Topcup offers the perfect custom printed bubble tea cups for your bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. The cups can accommodate any drink you want to serve on your bubble tea menu. We have a variety of sizes that are durable and heat resistant so they’ll withstand the various sealing methods easily. Our Boba tea cups are made of strong, durable PP plastic. You can promote your brand just like Starbucks by displaying your logo, designs on clear plastic cups, you can share them on social platforms and any place to make your products expand its reach.

For those interested in polylactic acid plastic (PLA) cups, you can choose our compostable plastic cups, these biodegradable plastics are made from 100% natural resources and break down after use, eliminating any guilt or environmental footprint left behind by other beverages!


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Why Choose TopCup as Your Custom
Bubble Tea Cup Manufacturer

TopCup offers custom-branded bubble tea cups at competitive prices for any size order. You’ll also find that not every business has the same definition of what it means to provide good customer service, which is why Topcups strives so hard on providing great experiences through their products and services while staying affordable!

Quality Focused

TopCup factory is dedicated to high quality work and the safety of our employees. We are SGS Certified, achieving a 99% success rate for all plastic cups we produced--we take pride in this accomplishment! Our Quality Assurance Inspection Procedures constantly evolve as well so that you can always know your product was made with care from start-to finish."

One-Stop Service Solution

We know the customer's time is precious, our designer and production experts to provide quick response ability to help you to put the ideas into perfect products. Not only do we provide plastic cups & straws as well as lids, carrying bags can also provide, it can reduce the time you ask different suppliers bring loss, so that you can spend more time on marketing.

Reliability and Fast Products Delivery​

TopCup's promise is to deliver your bubble tea cups on time, with a 95% success rate. But we don't just focus on being fast - quality matters too! With 12- 24 hour response times and an on time delivery above 90%, you can rest assured that Topcups will meet all of our promises made to exceed expectations.

We Stick to Principles and Ethics​

TopCup is committed to creating a positive work environment where employees are accountable, appreciated and have collaborated with each other. It also helps create stronger relationships between customers because of our services that last longer than just one transaction or job request while also maintaining top notch customer satisfaction perennially!

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Who Can Get Benefits From TopCup's Boba Cups

Who Can Get Benefits From TopCup's Boba Cups?

TopCup Factory offers a number of different custom plastic cup options for any business that needs one! We’ve had great success in the past with our plastic cups, but if you have an idea and want to get started on it then just let us know.

Below are some common types or businesses who’ve benefited greatly from utilizing these quality products:

TopCup Factory Custom Bubble Tea Cups Service

TopCup Factory Custom Bubble Tea
Cups Service

Custom printed bubble tea cups is the perfect solution for businesses looking to stand out from their competitors. With our variety of designs and high-quality materials, you can be sure that no one will forget about your brand. So,How to get it right ? The Process is super simple:

TopCup Factory Custom Bubble Tea Cups Service

TopCup Factory Boba Cups Wholesale Service FAQ

Why Choose Bubble tea PP cups over PET cups ?

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider using PP cups for your bubble tea business instead of PET cups.

#1. PP bubble tea cups are more durable than PET cups. They’re not as prone to cracking or breaking, so you’ll be able to use them for a longer period of time.

#2. PP boba tea cups are more heat-resistant than PET cups. This means that they can withstand higher temperatures without melting or warping. This is important for bubble tea, since it’s often served hot.

#3. PP boba cups have a better seal than PET cups. This is important for keeping your bubble tea fresh and preventing it from spilling.

#4. PP boba cups just look nicer than PET cups. They’re more stylish and modern, and they’ll give your bubble tea business a more professional appearance.

Will you provide bubble tea cup straws ?

Yes,We have an incredible selection of bubble tea straws to suit your needs. From different lengths and widths, you can find the perfect one for any type delicious refreshments from teas or juices!

Are there any restrictions on custom Logo color requirements?

With our customized bubble tea cup design, you can make your logo pop out. We will print up to 4 colors on the custom cups for an affordable price!

How long will it get to my order?

We know that you want your order to be perfect, so we do all our best for it. For standard blank tea cups like those found in most restaurants or cafes around the world – they’re usually shipped out within one week after being placed . But if there are any customized bubble tea cups then expect 15 working days worth of processing time before getting them delivered right away. Please contact our after-sales service department if any questions for shipping.


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