Single Wall Paper Cups

Single Wall Paper Cups

Single wall paper cups are perfect for room temperature drinks such as soda,cola and drinking water. Usually the inside is made with a food grade PE coating, if you want to use it for ice cream or milkshakes, it needs to be made with a double PE coating which helps prevent cold drinks from condensing and damaging the structure of the paper cup itself. Although single wall paper cups can also be used for some hot liquids at temperatures below 70 degrees, it is usually not recommended and you can use our double wall paper cups instead.


8oz White Single Wall Paper Cups
10oz White Single Wall Paper Cups
12oz White Single Wall Paper Cups
16oz White Single Wall Paper Cups

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One-stop solution for our single wall paper cups

We are a single wall paper cup manufacturer with ten more years of experience and we are committed to helping you buliding a successful brand. Considering the design and manufacturing of customized paper cups, we strive to provide you with a one-stop solution. From the selection of paper kind, coating of cup and spec to printing effect and company logo requirements.


Single wall paper cups sizes

With our wide variety of sizes, you’re sure to find the right cup for your drink. From cold drinks like iced tea and smoothies on hot days in summertime all the way up through 22 ounce cups that hold quite a bit more liquid than most other options out there – we will customize what you need.


Pick up the right paper cupboard

Paper cups are produced from orginal paperboard to guarantee food safety. The trees used for production of these products come only form certified and sustainably managed forests, ensuring your drinks will never be contaminated by any toxins or bacteria.


Paper cup printing and color matching

We take your ideas and turn them into brand logo or something beautiful on a cup.The way to get the most out of your direct printing campaign is by working with our design team. We’ll find what pantone you need and make sure it looks great on paper coffee cups. Need more information,please go over custom printing


Die Cutting, Forming and Packaging

Die cutting is a popular process used to cut paper cups into the shape they want. Forming is the last step to turn paper into paper cups,at last, we will pack our cups into perfect products according to your requirements. We know that no matter which link is crucial for us and just want provide you the perfect products.


Warehousing, logistics and inventory solutions

We are committed to the success of our customers by providing them with an efficient order system and delivery options, ensuring that you receive products what we promise in time! We also manage standard products stocks so we can provide faster shipping if you need them quickly.

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Why Choose TopCup For Single Wall Coffee Cup Manufacturer

There are many reasons why you should choose TopCup as your Single Wall Coffee Cup Manufacturer.  We have a long history of manufacturing high-quality  paper coffee cups, and our experienced team can help you create the perfect cup for your business.  We also offer a wide range of customization options to make sure your cups are perfect for your brand.In addition, there are the following advantages:

Custom Single Wall Coffee Cups From Strat To End

Custom Single Wall Coffee Cups From Strat To End

If you’re looking for a paper coffee cup supplier that can meet all your needs, then look no further than our factory! We have innovative equipment and produce 1.5 million per day and our factory cover 22,000 square meters. This allows us to supply wholesale orders while maintaining their quality.Buying in bulk from us also has these advantages:

Custom Single Wall Coffee Cups From Strat To End

TopCup Single Wall Coffee Cups Service FAQ

What makes TopCup Paper Cups Manufacturers service unique?

There are many paper cup manufacturers in the world, but what makes TopCup Paper Cups Manufacturers service unique is our combination of experience and expertise. Our staff have years of experience in the coffee cups industry, which enables us to create high-quality products for our clients. 

We also have a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, which allows us to provide them with the best possible service. Thanks to our combination of experience and expertise, TopCup is the perfect choice for your paper cup needs. Contact us today to learn more!

What’s your minimum order if I want to purchase single wall paper cups ?

We require a minimum order quantity of at least 20,000 pieces for customized products and 10,000 units if you want regular items. Here you can find our more about custom design service.

Will you provide lids or coffee cup sleeves when I purchase ?

Yes,We will provide them according to your needs, but these come at extra cost. You can contact us for more information.We are always ready and willing help our customers do what they need so that their experience is nothing less than perfect!


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