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Why Choose Us

We are a company that has been providing coffee, bubble tea and many companies with the highest quality products like paper cofee cups,plastic cups,sleeves and other items for over 10 years.  We work hard to meet our customers’ needs by manufacturing high-quality paper cups, plastic ware such as PP or PLA material drink holders among other things so they can expand their businesses easily without having an issue related around inventory management.

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We Make It Personal

We work hard to earn your trust and respect.  We’re responsive, intuitive and honest. Let our team of professionals help you build a long-lasting reputation that will turn heads and leave customers coming back for more.   We understand how important your time is, which means we’ll always provide quick responses to any questions or needs You may have! you can count on our personalized service, one-on-one service every step of the way.

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We Stand by Our Values

We guide everything we do with an uncompromising set of brand values, and we focus on teamwork ,We believe working collaboratively is key when tackling tough problems because no individual can see farther than their own noses without help; which means team members should be able communicate freely without fear they’re gonna get lorded over by managers looking down judgmentally upon them if things go wrong (or right!)

Founder Mr.Jiang
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Make Our Customers Happy

We love hearing from our clients and seeing the excitement on their faces when they realize what we’ve been able to do for them. We are constantly striving to be the best at what we do.   And when our clients come back for more, it makes all those long hours worth every second!

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