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TopCup Factory is a cup manufacturing company that specializes custome Coffee Paper Cups and PP&PET Plastic Cups for any occasion.Over the past 10 years, we have been working to improve and renovate our manufacturing processes as well as comply with environmental standards at every step of production – from using energy efficient equipment all along eco-friendly materials which are safe too.We made this change in order to produce the best product under strictly quality inspection and maintain a competitive price advantage over other brands in today’s market.

In addition, we ensure that the food-grade materials used are safe and environmentally friendly through our stringent management system to help you lmprove your brand and become a leader in the industry in a competitive marketplace.

HotCup Factory-Your Realiable Paper&Plastic Cup Supplier


We are committed to producing the world’s best single&double wall Paper cups and Bubble tea cups as well as their peripheral products for our customers. We provide one-stop service for all of your manufacturing needs! With ten years of success, we are one of the most efficient manufacturing service providers in the world. Send us your design by our secure online form  and we will provide you with a free quote.

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Compostable Plastic Cups
Paper Cups Holder​
Paper Cups Holder

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Working with Top Cup Factory was a great experience. They helped us turn our brilliant idea into finished prototypes ready for production, and they were open to feedback every step of the way so that we could get what we wanted out it all in order.

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Make Your Branded Products Difference

Branding is the weapon to expand the influence of your company, Every design endows the cup with unique values and sales propositions. Therefore, in every cooperation with customers,  we always put the customer’s needs first, and provide competitive prices and services according to your needs.

Whether you are a small business, or a global chain store, Topcup can help you find a custom printing soulution that is right for your needs, in the required quantities.  

Provide Cups One-Stop Solution

We don’t just make coffee cups and milk tea cups, we also offer a range of appropriate lids, cup holders or straws. They are all made from high quality environmentally safe materials and use advanced processes and techniques to ensure that each accessory matches the cup better.
Depending on the size and shape of the cups needed, these lids, straws, etc. come in different types, shapes and sizes, and our extensive product line is perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Why TopCup Factory is so sure can help you with your business ?

The competition between major chains is fierce. They have all the advantages, especially when it comes to keeping costs low and ordering millions at a time from huge factories that can produce custom printed cups, straws or sleeves for them much more cheaply than any other company does!
The playing field between you and the big guys has never been more level. As one of the leader of paper cup manufacturer,TopCup Factory is here to provide custom designs service at affordable prices! All orders are now delivered through one company – so there’s no need for tedious waiting on multiple shipments or dealing with shipper errors as well as getting charged additional fees when it comes time for delivery/pick-up (which can lead up charges). We will be able produce your order quickly without sacrificing quality,Make you achieve better results in a competitive environment, So,this is why we can do assistance for your business.

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